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Writer's block

I want to blog more to chronicle my doings but I keep worrying about crafting the perfect words and I end up not writing it. So here goes, this is my attempt to keep it going. I get so worried about what my readers are going to think. I recently had this revelation about me and in order to remedy this, I am just going to pretend that nobody is reading this. This is me, uncensored.

The reason I wanted to blog more is because I am doing so many things these days. I am learning new things and making new things. My days are never the same. I am exploring my interests and being more introspective. I want a way to keep track of it all.

For example, I just bought myself a Cricut recently (it's a custom cutting machine. No, this is not a sponsored post) as an early Christmas present to myself and I am learning how to use it. I like making things from scratch and I am excited to explore all the possibilities. I can do so many things with it! My main reason for getting it is to use it to make stencils. I use the stencils to airbrush the macarons. So technically, it's for work. 

My first project on my new machine was to make personalized Christmas presents for myself. Here's the end result!

My next project is to make a background for macaron photoshoots 😁. I can't wait for you to see it. Stay tuned. 


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