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Getting into rhythm when you aren't working 9-5

I have gotten into a good groove lately. What do I mean by that? I meant I am in a good place now. One of my earlier posts a few months ago mentioned that I was depressed. I was unhappy because I went from working 9-5 and knowing exactly what I am going to do everyday to having all these unstructured days. I was my own boss but what does that mean? I had all this 'free' time but I didn't know what to do with myself. I should've been working on building my business but I didn't know where to start because it seemed daunting.

I didn't understand why I was feeling sad at first because I consider myself to be a happy person. There were days I wake up and ponder 'what is the meaning of life?' Mondays were especially hard because my husband would leave for work after spending the whole weekend with me. My world felt so bleak. How did I get over it? With time. And also trying to count each and every blessing I have in my life. I had to remind myself that I was lucky to be alive and to have the love and support of my family and friends. I started filling my calendar with things I needed to do to work on my business, one thing at a time. Slowly and surely, I was able to tackle my never ending to-do list. It feels satisfying to be able to cross things off from that list. Now, I wake up every day excited to see what's on my agenda and tackling each task, one at a time.

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