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A heartfelt Thank you

In case you don't know this yet, Cat Cat's Nom Nom is mostly a one woman show. It's me taking your orders, working behind the scenes, building this website, baking your goodies, developing new flavors and designs, taking pictures, updating social media, providing quality customer service and working on marketing. If you have never ran your own business, believe me when I say it's hard work. I have never worked harder than I do right now. I work 7 days a week and more than 40+ hours. I breathe/ eat/ sleep work. I am thinking about ways to grow this business 24/7. If you have ran your own business, you know what I am talking about.

I won't take all the credit for it because I have had many helping hands throughout this journey. First of all, I want to thank my husband for his encouragement and continued support in this endeavor. If he hadn't pushed me, I never would have taken this project on. I like security and running your own business is anything but secure. There are so many ups and downs and so many things can go wrong. It is good to know he has my back when I need him. I can recall many nights when I was so tired after a long day of baking, he did the dishes without me having to ask. He is not a morning person but he woke up up 7am on Sunday mornings to help me set up at farmer's market.

Second, I want to thank my friends and family for placing my very first orders, helping me advertise and spreading the word, coming to my farmer's markets and buying/ helping me sell and/or lending me moral support.

Last but not least, I want to thank my LOYAL FANS. You believed in me and my products. You supported me by buying my products, liking/sharing my posts, giving me positive feedback, telling me how much you like my baking or what your favorite item is, referring me to your networks, writing awesome reviews on Yelp, and continually trusting me to bake goodies for your events and work places. Because of all your support, I can keep following my passion and doing what I love. After a slow start last year, we are starting to be profitable! The orders are pouring in and I am busy filling those orders. It is after all a business. if I don't make any money from this, it isn't sustainable. It started out as a hobby but to continually keep baking/creating, I need a steady cash flow to keep moving forward. After all, I don't have a million $$ sitting around to keep pouring into this venture. So, THANK YOU. This post is dedicated to YOU!

If you haven't subscribed to the site yet, please do so on the main page to get updates on special events, sales and deals. As a subscriber, you will be the first to know if I am doing any sales for holidays. I won't always post sales on social media if I am busy with orders.

I actually don't know who reads these blog posts so please comment here to let me know your thoughts and what you want to read next time. Till next time!

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