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Government bureaucracy hinders micro businesses

I didn't realize the amount of paper work and the hoops you have to jump through in order to operate a business legally. Being a law abiding citizen that I am, I want to do everything by the books. The problem is Uncle Sam makes it very difficult for people who are trying to start their own business with limited resources.

Here's my situation. I am operating my business under AB1616 - California Homemade Food Act - Cottage Food Operation. It allows me to make low-risk baked items in my kitchen and sell it legally. I went through all the hoops, crossing every T and dotting every i. I paid all my fees (business license, permit, insurances) before I can even make a penny. After doing all this, now that I want to sell at a farmer's market in Santa Clara County, they tell me I need an additional Temporary Food Facility Permit for EVERY market I want to sell at. And of course, pay more fees. Seriously?!! I am just taking the food you let me sell out of my house to another location and you want more money? There's no additional preparation involved. I can sell it out of my house but I can't sell it elsewhere without paying you a cut?! Come on!! How am I supposed to get my business off the ground with this rate? How do you expect small businesses to grow if you kick them before they can even get up? That's my two cents for the day.

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