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The life of an Entrepreneur




  1. a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

At first I wasn't quite sure if I can call myself an entrepreneur until I came across this graph. I saw it and I could immediately relate. Owning a business and being your own boss sounds like the ultimate dream but starting a business is an emotional roller coaster. The prospect of following your passion and doing what you love while earning a decent living is quite exciting. There are perks to it. I can set my own hours, do what I want to do and don't have to answer to anyone.

In reality, it is not always easy. There are days when nothing is going your way and you get rejections from all directions. Here is an example: I thought once I get all my permits and licenses, I could just go and sell at the farmer's market. Turns out, all the ones near my area aren't accepting new applicants. I would have had to apply since the beginning of the year to even be considered as a vendor. I contacted several ones hoping for a spot and two places were interested in my baked goods but in the end it didn't work out. It was a hard day because I was counting to sell at those places. On those days is when you need the support from your love ones the most. Lucky for me, I have a supportive and understanding husband. I told him of the news and he brought home some baked goods from one of my favorite bakeries to cheer me up. He gives me the encouragement I need to keep going when things don't go my way.

So I get back up and keep going. Someone told me festivals would be a good place but I am running into similar issue. I don't know when the festivals are and by the time I find out about them, I am already too late to the game. I am still trying to find a venue to sell my baked goods on a regular basis. Let me know if you know of any. When one door closes, another one should open right?

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